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Transport & Logistics

The transport industry is a dynamic industry and this presents unique health and safety challenges.  We understand your industry and keep up to date with technology, regulation and the market in general. Road transport is heavy regulated and driver, road and load safety must all compliment each other.  We can  help you with safe systems for:

  • Loading/unloading
  • Safety at pick up/delivery sites
  • Drug & alcohol testing programs
  • Chain of responsibility


Vehicle Smash Repairs

SafeSense is the preferred supplier of health & safety advice and services to the Australian Accident Repair Network, the imminent industry body in Australia representing the body shops.  For practical advice and solutions to improve compliance and reduce risk - contact us now.



Had a visit from Worksafe?

If WorkSafe have been to visit you and issued you with an improvement notice, SafeSense Workplace Safety can take action to ensure you meet with the requirements of the notice within the prescribed timeframe. We can also help you to avoid notices in the future.


If you don't comply with an Improvement Notice, you can be charged under OHS legislation and end up in court.


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Has one of your workers been injured?

Have you had a wake-up call and realised that maybe you're not managing safety  so well, you've just been lucky?


If someone has been injured at work, you want to be sure that it can't happen again.  Perhaps there are other situations where your workers could be injured niggling in the back of your mind.


SafeSense Workplace Safety can visit your workplace and carry out a site safety audit. We will identify potential safety issues and bring you the latest solutions and industry practices to help you manage your safety risks.


Just because you don't have a lot of injuries doesn't mean it won't happen. There are usually minor 'lead-up' events, near misses that can indicate there is the potential for things to go wrong. We will observe your work practices, identify high risk tasks and together develop safer work practices.


Call us now - our first visit won't cost you anything except for your time.





Worried about compliance?

SafeSense works closely with clients to develop a tailored safe solution to demonstrate compliance.  This involves documenting how you work safely and comply with the law and includes:

  • Consultation Systems and Records
  • Safe Work Method Statements for your high risk tasks
  • Tools and checklists to monitor safety standards and equipment
  • Training, induction and supervision


Every business is different and we look at what you’re already doing well and ‘piggy-back’ off that, so safety becomes part of everyday life – not an add-on.  You will benefit from our experience to make this a quick and easy process. 


 Warehouse Traffic Management - Keeping Forklifts & People Separate

Forklifts are one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in the workplace. On average, 3 serious injuries occur in Victoria as a result of forklifts.


SafeSense specialise in practical traffic management solutions for small - medium transport companies. We have the latest industry information on loading/unloading exclusion zones to keep forklifts and people separate.


We use the latest industry guidelines, endorsed by WorkSafe - LUEZ "loading/unloading exclusion zones"


Get your copy here - LUEZ GUIDELINES

Find out more - SafeSense Traffic Management





Rapid growth in your business?

When businesses experience periods of rapid growth, production increases, extra staff are employed - it's all hands on deck. Working in the business doesn't allow you time to work on the business. Human Resources and safety systems don't grow at the same time. But more people and more production means you're exposed to more risk.


SafeSense Workplace Safety can:

  • Be your on-site safety advisor and get your systems in place while you focus on running your business
  • Work with your resources to provide expert advise and assistance to get the foundations in place and get you on your way to implementing a safety system that suits the size of your business and your risks


It's more cost effective to use an experienced consultant than to employ a less experienced safety practitioner - just ask our clients!


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How We Help Our Clients


Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Ltd

Heidelberg is a German based company that sells and services printing and associated equipment and consumables in Australia and New Zealand. SafeSense Workplace Safety has provided health & safety support to Heidelberg for six years.


SafeSense is proud to have nominated Marten Kelders from Heidelberg in the 2010 WorkSafe Awards as Health & Safety Representative of the Year. From hundreds of entries, Marten made it through the shortlisting process to be one of only four finalists.


Heidelberg, and the printing industry in general is undergoing change as technically brings new ways of doing things. Our role at Heidelberg involves maintaining the health and safety system, ensuring all compliance activities are carried out and adapting the safety system to suit the needs of the organisation.


Secon Freight Logistics

Secon is family owned freight business with three sites in Altona, Brooklyn and Sunshine West. SafeSense has worked with Secon for 3 years to develop and implement policies, procedures, tools, checklists and safe work practices. Working with a fantastic OHS Commitee and committed management team, SafeSense provide them with the skills they need to manage workplace health and safety and constantly improve through exciting periods of business change and growth.



SafeSense provided assistance to Austpac to reduce risk with their traffic management system a their Port Melbourne site. This involved a site inspection, risk assessment with improvements to be made, training and consultation.

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Working with the Human Resources Manager, we have provided OHS support to the College since 2009. Services have included a full site safety audit of their Spring Street offices and training facility, assistance with the development of policies and procedures, OHS update training for the entire staff and specialist ergonomic advice and workstation assessments as required.



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